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  • Three samples of our blood displayed on skin. Brighter fresh blood, darker regular blood, and the darkest - our aged blood.
  • Here are our bloods when first applied, after one day, when washed in warm water, and washed in warm water and detergent. All clean! Always test first on whatever material you're using it on.
  • Now available in a 2 oz size - fresh, aged, regular and mouth. Great colours and non-staining! Compare them to the leading brands and you won't be disappointed.

Bleeding Art Blood

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Product Description

5 out of 5 stars! "Their products are high quality. I find they are virtually stick free and very easy to clean. Their Aged Blood is amazing, it has a very realistic look to it that adds extra realism to any fx makeup you're putting together. Their Blood Jam is also amazing because it's not sticky at all like Ben Nye's Thick Blood or Fresh Scab and it blends much easier. Their mouth blood tastes much better then Ben Nye's as well and it's not as thick which helps the effect much better. I had such amazing costumer service from all their staff, I would definitely recommend this company and their products! Top shelf!!!" -Jenna Ann, Vancouver Film School

Company founder Leo Wieser has been making blood ever since he was a child wreaking havoc at home by putting his bloody concoctions in the fridge to freak out his parents. Since Bleeding Art was formed over ten years ago the company has been perfecting the recipes he started as a child for stage, screen, simulations, the medical field, and for independent artists. We’ve been actively working in the film industry for twenty years and in theatre before that so we’ve tried everything on the market and know what works and doesn’t work on set or stage. Our work – whether it’s the products we make or the services we provide – is intended to be the best on the market. We compete worldwide and we know that the blood we make is one of the highest quality, best fake bloods available. What’s so great about it?

  • We use only the best ingredients, and we make our blood with care in small batches. No pink skin with our blood nor corn syrup and chocolate sauce used!
  • It is in high demand for its ability to wash out of most materials.
  • We never rest on our laurels and are always innovating and tweaking the recipe based on what customers are asking for and creating additional products (like our popular blood jam), and new ones that can be mixed with it (like our slime).
  • Using our current blood recipes as a base, they can be modified – we even made blood for a live bear for AMC’s Hell on Wheels so the bear wouldn’t lick it off.
  • Distributors are seeing it fly off the shelf – especially in the city where it’s made with care – Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Our blood is perfect for different departments on a film – make-up, wardrobe, and special effects – we can colour match and provide the viscosity desired.
  • Our personal service is unmatched.


Regular: a deeper red than fresh with orange undertones.

Fresh: as a stock blood this product is colour matched to how a real fresh blood (say from a nose bleed or finger cut) would look when soaked into fabric. It has a significant orange component with yellow undertones which is a perfect match to the real thing, but not so much to look garish.

Aged: darker with brown undertones; great for use as blood that's not fresh.

Mouth: specifically made for shots or live performances in which blood is to be used safely in the mouth. Our mouth blood tastes sweet like candy.

Blood Jam: Our blood jam is one of our most popular products....it's just like jam only you don't eat it! It is great to have on hand when you don't want a dripping blood and you want the blood to look realistic. Comes in 12 g, 55 g, and 200 g containers.

Yes, we believe our blood is the best in the business - and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. We've been making, using and selling our bloods around the world. Find out why.

Here's one of our demo videos in which you can see how our liquid and blood jams are being used to create facial and neck wounds:

 Another video showing use of our bloods and our bruise powder:


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