Movie Props

Having an authentic prop from a movie is something that many collectors and film afficionados hold dear. In our films, no prop has a duplicate copy. The ones you see here are originals; only one of each of these exists in the world.*

Skeleton Girl is noteworthy in that it is Canada's FIRST stereoscopic 3D and stop motion animated film ever made. In addition to winning Best First 3D Film at its premiere in New York (Be Film The Underground Film Festival, 2012), it toured to festivals around the world, and was selected as one of the top nine short films in Canada in 2013 (CBC Short Film face Off). It is the first film created by Bleeding Art Industries, and is the first film in a planned anthology called Twisted Tales for Demented Children.

The River is a whimsical 3D stop motion animation done in a Monty Python-style with cardboard cutouts and custom-designed props. The River is the brainchild of Bleeding Art founder Leo Wieser who has always been a huge fan of The Arrogant Worms, the musical comedic trio of Trevor Strong, Chris Patterson and Mike McCormick. The River animation was done to accompany the Worms' song River of Snot which can be found on their latest album SPACE.

 *the only props for sale here that are not original are the animals used in The River